About Our Foundation

New Day Medical Foundation began as New Day Aero-Medical Foundation and was birthed as a result of the deficient ‘response time’ for medical emergencies during the 1996 Olympics. The causative factor that appeared to be a paramount concern was the vast distance of emergent locations necessary to offer a rapid response time, casual, for efficient medical outcomes. The original board members were Dr. David W. Jones, Bernard Marcus, and Dr. Charles Dr. Hatcher.

The most important focus for Dr. David W. Jones was on ‘sudden death’ in the pediatric population and in young athletes. Factually, sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the most frequent medical cause of sudden death in athletes, and estimates vary widely based on the population. A recent estimate of SCD incidence ranged from 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 80,000 athletes per year. Statistically, SCA is the leading cause of death in young athletes, more prevalent in males. Most often, death occurs during athletic training or competition. As such, sudden death in those younger than 35 years of age is most often due to undiscovered heart defects or overlooked heart abnormalities. Though SCD is rare, its occurrence in athletes who are often young and presumably healthy has a large emotional and social impact on the surrounding community.

New Day Medical Foundation Statement of Intent

  • Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization that believes honesty, integrity, and fairness are key to delivering sustainable benefits to humanity through various heart screening programs and solutions to teen athletes.

  • What We Do

We provide Heart Screens for Teens.  Our services are designed to diagnose and refer teens who do not meet the guidelines for pediatric cardiology evaluations.

  • How We Do It

These are outlined in our various statements below:

  • Mission Statement

To create a technology-driven heart screening solution that will diagnose and refer teens not meeting the guidelines for pediatric cardiology evaluations, obtain an assessment, and, if necessary, diagnose potential threats of fatality.

  • Vision

Our vision is to assess and protect the lives of our youth by offering Heart screening for teens in the United States of America.

  • Core Values

We believe we can save lives by delivering the latest in heart screening technology to those with the greatest needs (Teens). These diverse, but equally reinforcing values, drive the culture at New Day Medical Foundation. We, daily, evaluate the statistics and value of the program so that we can justify the screening of teens.

  • Innovation

We are committed to acquiring more expedient and efficient methods of heart screening solutions through adaptive and multi-focused thinking. We embrace change for alternative ideas for the growth, challenges, and opportunities forthcoming. 

  • Success Overview

We aim to create a healthy experience for our teens by focusing on solutions that advance growth, reduce operational costs, and deliver heart screening at a fractional cost.

  • Individual and Team Efficiency

We operate within an environment of trust, integrity, and collaboration. We acknowledge that improvements are inspired by a congregate of individual ingenuity, and celebrate the conclusive ideology coalesced with team effort.

  • Ethical Conduct

We are a reasonable nonprofit organization that believes honesty, integrity, and fairness are key to delivering sustainable benefits to humanity.


  1. Our Driving Force is to stand as a “pillar of hope” in the resolution to prevent or minimize Sudden Cardiac Death in Teens.

  2. In order for New Day Medical Foundation to continue screening students (Teens) at a low cost, we rely on charitable donations.

  3. We intend to implement a fixed low-cost heart screen model at a fractional cost of $150 per teen (student).

  4. As a non-profit organization, we intend to reinvest whatever money that is made to enable us to drive down the cost of heart screen per teen.